So you can get the most out of your septic system.
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Drain Field Safety

  • Many drain fields have PVC pipes that stick out of the ground. These pipes are easy to hit with a lawn mower. They should be replaced if they get broken. 
  • No structures should be built on top of the Drain field area. 
  • Do NOT Park on top of the drain field area. This is a delicate area. Driving over it, compacting it, digging it up, or disrupting it can cause the system to fail. Once the drain field fails a new one will have to be installed. 
  • Keep the drain field area mowed. Do not allow trees to grow in the drain field. This can cause roots to get into the pipes causing the drain field to fail. 
  • Keep an eye out for gophers in the drain field area. They can cause your drain field to fail as well. 

What shouldn't be getting flushed down toilets

Here are a list of some of the common items we see causing septic problems. 
  • Flushable wipes/ wet wipes. Yes, they say you can flush them. However, they do not decompose the same way normal toilet paper does. This can cause problems and blockages in your pipes and in your tank. Instead throw the flushable wipes/wet wipes in the garbage. 
  • Feminine Products. These items should not be flushed down the toilet. They will cause blockages in your pipes and more issues if not properly disposed of in the garbage. 
  • Do NOT flush strong chemicals or paints down the toilet. These items need to be specially disposed of. They can cause blockages in your Septic System. And can kill the necessary bacteria in your tank. 
  • Cigarettes, children's toys, plastic, ect.  Just because an item can be flushed down the toilet does not mean it should be. We see many of these items while doing service calls. They can cause sewer to back up into the home. 

Septic Tank Security

Septic tanks have large, 24", manhole covers on them. These are typically at ground surface for easy and proper maintenance. The manhole covers on these lids must be up to code. They must be either concrete with no cracks or pieces missing. Or tightly secured down, typically with screws holding them in place. These are important to note.

These lids are important to have secured. And secured properly. Otherwise, they can become hazardous. It is dangerous to have children or pets around open manholes. Children and pets can easily fall into these and become trapped. It only takes a minute to check that the manholes are secured.

We service manholes and can replace cracked/ broken ones, so you don't have to worry.